Developer notes



Installation is only tested on (Ubuntu 16.04 ) linux OS.

Please read the Installation Guideline ego.doc.installation.

1. Use virtual environment

Create a virtual environment and activate it:

$ virtualenv --clear -p python3.5  ego_dev``
$ cd ego_dev/
$ source bin/activate

2. Get eGo

Clone eGo from by running the following command in your terminal:

$ git clone

With your activated environment cd to the cloned directory and run pip3 install -e eGo --process-dependency-links . This will install all needed packages into your environment.

3. Get your Database login data

Learn more here.

4. Create Dingo grids

Install ding0 from and run the script, which can be found under ding0/ding0/examples/.

$ git clone
$ pip3 install -e ding0
$ python3 ding0/ding0/examples/

Learn more about Dingo. Before you run the script check also the configs of Dingo and eDisGo in order to use the right database version. You find this files under ding0/ding0/config/config_db_tables.cfg and ~.edisgo/config/config_db_tables.cfg. Your created ding0 grids are stored in ~.ding0/...

eDisGo and eTraGo

Please read the Developer notes of eDisGo and eTraGo.

Error handling

  1. Installation Error use pip-18.1 for your installation. pip install --upgrade pip==18.1
  2. Installation Error of eTraGo, eDisGo, Pypsa fork or ding0. If you have problems with one of those packages please clone it from and install it from the master or dev branch. For example pip3 install -e git+
  3. Matplotlib error on server and few other systems. Please change your settings in matplotlibrc from backend : TkAgg to backend : PDF. You can find the file for example in a virtual environment under ~/env/lib/python3.5/site-packages/matplotlib/mpl-data$ vim matplotlibrc. Learn more here..
  4. Geopandas error caused by Rtree Could not find libspatialindex_c library Please reinstall Rtree with sudo pip3 install Rtree or install libspatialindex_c via sudo apt install python3-rtree. On Windows or macOS you maybe install libspatialindex_c straight from source.