The eGo tool

The python package eGo is a toolbox and also an application which combines eTraGo - a tool for optimizing flexibility options for transmission grids based on PyPSA and eDisGo - a toolbox in itself capable of analyzing distribution grids for grid issues and evaluating measures responding these.


The open_eGo project

This software project is part of the research project open_eGo.

The OpenEnergy Platform

Within this project we developed the OpenEnergy Platform which the eGo toolbox relies upon to get and store in- and output data. Because of this dependency in order to use eGo a registration on the OpenEnergy Platform is required. For more information see openenergy-platform and login.

The OpenEnergy platform mainly addresses students, researchers and scientists in the field of energy modelling and analytics, but also welcomes all other interested parties. The platform provides great tools to make your energy system modelling process transparent. Data of the open_eGo project are stored on this platform. Learn more about the database access.

Model overview

Overview of Models and processes which are used by eGo


The python package eTraGo provides an optimization of flexibility options for transmission grids based on PyPSA. In particular transmission grids of different voltage levels , that is 380, 220 and 110 kV in Germany, can be handled. Conventionally the 110kV grid is part of the distribution grid. The integration of the transmission and ‘upper’ distribution grid is part of eTraGo.

The focus of optimization are flexibility options with a special focus on energy storages and grid expansion measures. Learn more here.


The python package eDisGo provides a toolbox for analysis and optimization of distribution grids. It is closely related to the python project Ding0 as this project is currently the single data source for eDisGo providing synthetic grid data for whole Germany. Learn more here.


For the open_eGo project several python packages are developed which are feeded by the input data of the data processing. The dataprocessing is written in SQL and Python. Learn more here.

The is a SQLAlchemy interface to the OpenEnergy database (oedb). The module provides ORM objects mirroring oedb tables and additionally contains helper functions for I/O operations. Learn more here.


The DIstribution Network GeneratOr (Ding0) is a tool to generate synthetic medium and low voltage power distribution grids based on open (or at least accessible) data. Learn more here.

Supported by

This project is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI).

Supported by BMWi



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